Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Toast!

as the year draws to an end, we often look ahead to the New Year, making resolutions, setting intentions, eager for a fresh start. but today you are not going to toast to all that is to come, instead I'd like you look back on the year that's passed to honor the journey. raise a glass (of whatever your magic elixir might be), sing a song, give yourself a hug, anything to celebrate you and where you've been. you've come a long way baby! and you made it.

this is the most weird Christmas tree I could imagine. it's from our City Hall. I actually don't like it. 

but I love its message...

in a time of paradigm change, discover the light that is in you, no frills, no props, be honest and see the diamond of love that is in you, headstone it, grind it up and put some magic powder in everyone you meet.

use your heart
with imagination and be happy.

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Leanne said...

That is a beautiful message!

Tina´s PicStory said...

thanks for joining us with this artwork :)

Melanie said...

That is a wonderful message!