Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gather Your Thoughts

wow! what a month! it's been such a pleasure spending it together and focusing on the beauty of the season. although we are right at the start of the brand new year, recalling and reflecting on the past 30 days can help us begin the next 30 days in the right frame of mind. what part of the month did you enjoy most? what images did you capture that stirred your soul? I encourage you today to gather up the images of beauty that you collected and print some, hold them in your hand, hang them up, hand them out, spread the joy! and for your last image of Picture the Holidays, take a picture of a picture or pictures. something special from this past month to remind you that your life is indeed as pretty as a picture!

December flew so fast!! my health had a setback but it was a good month nevertheless. instead of printing photos I decided to do a collage with one of the CoffeeShop Facebook templates. this a reminder that I can capture pretty photographs and that being outside, although hard for me, is marvellous. I loved receiving Picture the Holidays prompts each day, through December, and I'm pretty excited to start my 365+1 Project tomorrow.

HAPPY 2012 to all :) xxo

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Tamara said...

i too participated in the picture the holiday prompts...and loved it! i'm interested in your 365 + 1 project that you're starting tomorrow. look forward to checking in here as we all journey through 2012!