Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Express Yourself

being (and staying) balanced can often be as easy as checking in with ourselves from time to time. tuning into our own body and mind is a simple emotional gauging tool we often overlook. today, take a few moments to be still. breathe in and out and just allow yourself to be and to feel. (I'll wait) well? how are you today? what is your body saying? how about your mind? your heart? listen to the shouts and the whispers and take it all in and then exhale. now, get your camera and interpret those feelings.

today I'm dealing with my daily life but (mouseover) feel trapped in a coccon of anxiety and numbness. I only find peace when I fall deeply asleep and don't remember my dreams. my body is frightened and wounded. I've been healing for a long time and still am. since I don't have a tripod (I hope to get one soon) I asked my mother to shoot the pictures. here is my cat Kuki, taking care of me.


Christian said...

This is a beautiful and touching post Ana. I am sorry your are feeling that way. Know that you are a beautiful and talented woman and are VERY inspiring to many, many people.

Ana Eugénio said...

thank you sweetie :) means a lot your tenderness. xxo